We want poppies

Petition to ban all synthetic pesticides

Pesticides are poisons that destroy all living things. Pesticides are present in rainfall, morning dew, and floral nectar, in the stomachs of bees, the umbilical cords of newborn babies and mother’s milk, and in birds’ nests, apples and cherries.

Pesticides have catastrophic consequences for human health – among them cancer, Parkinson’s disease, psychomotor impairment in children, infertility and birth defects. Exposure to pesticides is underestimated by a system gone mad, on a collision course with chaos. When one pesticide is banned, ten more take its place. And there are thousands more where those came from.

We no longer recognize our own country. Pesticides are disfiguring Nature. A third of our birds have disappeared in the past 15 years, one half of our butterflies in the past 20 years. Bees and other natural pollinators are dying by the billions. Where have all the frogs and grasshoppers gone? Where have all our wild flowers gone? This world that is fading before our eyes is our world. Every colour that is erased and every light that is extinguished leaves a heartache that will haunt us forever. Give us back our poppies! Give us back the beauty of the world!

We say “No More”. No more pesticides. Not at any price. We demand protection. We demand a government ban on all synthetic pesticides. Enough talk. It is time for action.